As you may have noticed, we’ve got the following:

Facebook “Like” buttons

A third-party authentication provider that provides authentication using the APIs provided for this purpose by:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • OpenID
  • Blogger

If you’ve already signed up with any of them for anything, you’ve made a decision to give them certain kinds of information. That’s between you and them. We are offering you the ability to use services here after identifying yourself as a user of one of those services.

The third-party provider is called RPX. We believe they’re honest and trustworthy, but you deserve to know who you’re dealing with when you use your username and password for another service to gain access here. We never see your username and password; RPX tells us who you are, not what we’d need to know to hack your accounts.

In using this site, certain information may be captured, including:

  • Name/Username
  • E-mail address
  • Your IP address
  • What you looked at here

We capture and analyse our own logs, as well as using google analytics.

We’re not going to spam you using the details captured here; that would be evil. We have no intention of compiling a mailing list based only on the fact that you’ve used services here.

We may in future run one or more e-mail distribution lists, but we will NOT automatically assume that the fact that you visited once means you want to hear from us. Any mailing lists we generate will be populated with your details ONLY at your request, and they will be fully confirmed opt-in. Just as importantly, it will be easy to get off them.

We also reserve the right to contact you on a one-on-one basis using the email address associated with your login; who doesn’t want the chance to hear from someone like Joanne, and get the chance at private conversation? We probably won’t, though.

We do not knowingly collect details of children under 13 years of age. This site is not intended for children. Nonetheless, it’s possible that your children may disappoint you and come here and post stuff. If they do, talk to us about what you’d like us to do and we’ll work something out like grown-ups.

The only things you’re likely to see mentioned for sale here are Joanne’s books and merchandising, with the exception of her Amazon Astore – which has access to just about anything in the way of books or DVDs to make it easier to get above their free order threshold. If something else particularly catches her attention, she may post about it; she might even link to it, with an affiliate link. It should go without saying that any other sites linked to will have their own privacy and user tracking issues and policies. There is no intention at this time of running third-party advertising network ads on this site.

These details were current on June 5 2010 and may be modified over time; if they are, the new details will be posted here.