"Obsessive" or "driven" don't even begin to do her justice...

Joanne wrote what has turned out to be her first five books in 99 days, then went on with the labourious tasks of editing and judiciously applying retcon (can you call it that when it's all still effectively 2000-odd pages of drafts?) to make the story internally consistent; that continues to this day.

To keep herself sane during this process, she wrote another two books - the first one of which is Danann Frost Falls from Grace.

Joanne firmly believes that having a Knight in Shining Armour ride in on the Deus Ex Machina at the last moment is no way to tell a story; she also believes that everyone should get what they deserve - good, bad or otherwise.

Joanne has two children, a loving husband and a laptop with the letters worn off the keys. She has neither an agent nor a publisher, but is open to offers at rights.enquiries AT joannevaliukas DOT com.

Joanne Valiukas