The Australian edition of Danann Frost Falls from Grace is available at Joanne's author events, and from here.

The 402 page trade paperback edition of Danann Frost Falls from Grace is in distribution through Ingram, so many US and European bookshops should be able to order it for you. Alternatively, there are a number of reputable on-line stores which carry it. Danann Frost Embraces the Darkness should be available through the same channels shortly.

If you're a U.S. purchaser, or intend getting something else from Amazon anyway, you might like to buy through Joanne's Amazon Store (hint: select "Kitchen Sink Books" or "Kitchen Sink DVDs" or "Kitchen Sink Music" and you can search just about their entire range for something to get you over their free shipping threshold).

Non-US readers, or people who just don't like Amazon, might instead like to try the US or UK Bookdepository sites.

Indian readers might like to consider the special Indian edition of Danann Frost Falls from Grace available through Pothi, although imports are starting to show up in a number of Indian on-line bookshops.

There's also a small range of merchandise available through Cafepress - follow the link to the left for details.