This is an abject apology from Joanne’s webmaster, Mark…

Well, I’m in the doghouse, perhaps quite deservedly.

It seems that while working on some other things on Facebook, an age restriction of 21+ was inadvertently set on Joanne’s fan page. I would have sworn that the settings were supposed to be related to a test fan page for something completely different, but I can’t say for sure whether it was something at Facebook or something in my web browser or something in me that fouled things up. Facebook seem to have neither live human support nor a means of restoring those fans who were dropped in this unfortunate incident.

If you see this and are under 21 and had signed up for Joanne’s facebook fan page, please know that we still love you lots and did NOT intend to bounce you. It’s nothing you did, it obviously happened because of something I did. Please come back, you are most welcome and I am sorry that some kind of problem related to my maintenance attempts caused you to leave.

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