Australian edition arrived

The short run Australian edition arrived late last week, and Joanne was very impressed with how it turned out. We will both be very busy over the next month organising promotion, and I have to finish off the ebook and print-on-demand editions so readers who can’t get to the launch stand a chance of getting the book as soon as possible afterwards. Joanne has had a few questions about pre-orders already, and we would love to answer them but we can’t until we have things nailed down with the ebook vendors and our US printers… and that can’t happen until we’ve submitted final versions, and that can’t happen until we’re completely happy with how they will look. I’ll be submitting the paper version tonight, and should find the ebook a little easier now I have a better set of tools to build it with.

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  1. Less than one month till Launch !! I must say Im really excited !! Ill see you both their ** to get my copy of it **

    🙂 kat

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