$2.99 ebooks – for a limited time

In celebration of some upcoming reviews, interviews and giveaways, we have deep discounts on ebooks at Amazon, Lulu, and the Apple. For a limited time – at least until the end of October, and possibly longer, depending on reader response – we’ve priced the ebook version of Danann Frost Falls from Grace through those three stores at US$2.99*

If you have a Kindle or the Kindle App, you can get the Kindle-native version from Amazon. If you have one of these bits of hardware or software, you can get the Adobe Digital Editions ePub version from Lulu. If you have an iPad, get it here or through the iBookstore (iPad only at this stage, but if you have a ‘Phone or ‘Pod you can use either the the Kindle App with the kindle version or any of the apps mentioned here with the one from Lulu).

*Amazon have the “not from here tax” of $2 on non-US and non-UK purchases to cover “wireless delivery costs”, which is a bit rich if the only wireless involvement in the transaction is between your home router and your Kindle. But then, if you have a wifi-only Kindle and aren’t from the US or UK, you already knew that anyway… and have probably been as annoyed by it as we have.

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  1. This lady is one of the best authors I have come across in years. She has sequels to this book that should be published immediately, mainly so I can read them. Wonderfully written book.

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