ebooks – available now.

Well, we’ve been busy. Joanne does the writing, I do the technical and business and marketing stuff… and the business side has been busy lately, particularly with learning more about how to be an ebook publisher. And, like traditional publishers, we need distributors – there are lots of them out there, and some of them are easier to deal with than others. For now, we’ve settled on Amazon, Kobo and Lulu as these three together give us access to the most significant digital marketplaces.

Danann Frost Falls from Grace is now available for the Kindle, as well as Adobe Digital Editions ePub from Lulu, Kobo Books, Borders Australia, Angus & Robertson and undoubtedly many other places that have branded ebookshops provided by Kobo. Oh, and of course there’s iTunes/iBooks for the iPhone and iPad and iPod Touch.

So… if you’ve got a Kindle, something shiny from apple or one of these devices or applications, there’s somewhere you can get a digital copy of Danann Frost Falls from Grace – and it’s probably a store you’re already comfortable with.