What a day.

Well… what a day.

First up, we went in to see someone at Readings in Carlton. Long story short, a small quantity of books were left with them to see how they go, but the important thing is they’ve *got* them and Danann Frost Falls from Grace is about to grace the shelves of a Melbourne icon. If you’re in Australia and couldn’t make it to the launch and can’t get one at the author talk tomorrow, the next best thing is to get it from Readings. We’ll post a link to where it is on their site as soon as it’s listed there.

Second… Telstra. Grrr! Don’t know what the problem was – maybe they broke the string, or lost one of the tin cans, but we were without internet for most of the day. So, Jo wasn’t able to post anything earlier in the day, anywhere. I know she wanted to thank her well-wishers, but wasn’t able to.

Third… Book Launch! What a night! I have photos, and Joanne wants to post some details about the night and the excerpts she read from the sequel and book from the other series, but frankly we’re all exhausted. And we’ve got to do it all over tomorrow night at the Author Talk in Melton (YAY!). So, we’ll catch up with those details as soon as we possibly can. For now, let’s just say that Jo was very touched by the excesses of some of her existing hard-core fans (you know who you are!), and loved speaking with new people who are about to read her work for the very first time. Jo promises to be back on in the next day or so.