$2.99 ebooks – for a limited time

In celebration of some upcoming reviews, interviews and giveaways, we have deep discounts on ebooks at Amazon, Lulu, and the Apple. For a limited time – at least until the end of October, and possibly longer, depending on reader response – we’ve priced the ebook version of Danann Frost Falls from Grace through those three stores at US$2.99*

If you have a Kindle or the Kindle App, you can get the Kindle-native version from Amazon. If you have one of these bits of hardware or software, you can get the Adobe Digital Editions ePub version from Lulu. If you have an iPad, get it here or through the iBookstore (iPad only at this stage, but if you have a ‘Phone or ‘Pod you can use either the the Kindle App with the kindle version or any of the apps mentioned here with the one from Lulu).

*Amazon have the “not from here tax” of $2 on non-US and non-UK purchases to cover “wireless delivery costs”, which is a bit rich if the only wireless involvement in the transaction is between your home router and your Kindle. But then, if you have a wifi-only Kindle and aren’t from the US or UK, you already knew that anyway… and have probably been as annoyed by it as we have.

ebooks – available now.

Well, we’ve been busy. Joanne does the writing, I do the technical and business and marketing stuff… and the business side has been busy lately, particularly with learning more about how to be an ebook publisher. And, like traditional publishers, we need distributors – there are lots of them out there, and some of them are easier to deal with than others. For now, we’ve settled on Amazon, Kobo and Lulu as these three together give us access to the most significant digital marketplaces.

Danann Frost Falls from Grace is now available for the Kindle, as well as Adobe Digital Editions ePub from Lulu, Kobo Books, Borders Australia, Angus & Robertson and undoubtedly many other places that have branded ebookshops provided by Kobo. Oh, and of course there’s iTunes/iBooks for the iPhone and iPad and iPod Touch.

So… if you’ve got a Kindle, something shiny from apple or one of these devices or applications, there’s somewhere you can get a digital copy of Danann Frost Falls from Grace – and it’s probably a store you’re already comfortable with.

Kindle version of Danann Frost Falls from Grace – coming soon!

Joanne and her team have been working hard over the weekend to get a Kindle version of Danann Frost Falls from Grace ready for distribution.

It’s being checked for correctness, and should be available at Amazon by the end of the week.

As for other formats and other vendors… that’s actively being explored.  There are a few behind-the-scenes requirements that make it a little more complicated than it might otherwise seem.

Want a copy of the Australian edition of Danann Frost Falls from Grace?

Readings in Carlton have them – if you want one in a hurry, and don’t have connections in the Cult of Jojo (as we affectionately refer to some of  Joanne’s more active fans) who can hook you up with one, they’re your best bet.  It’s not listed on their website, but they definitely have stock. It’s now on their website, but as you can only find it through a search by ISBN we’ve stuck this handy link to it here. RRP $29.95

There hasn’t really been any formal way – apart from the events, of course – of getting signed copies until now. This gives people another option. We only have Australian pricing there at the moment, but if anyone overseas wants one we’ll happily figure out a shipped price on a case-by-case basis.

Please remember, this is registered post with a return receipt so we can hassle Australia Post in the event of non-delivery. Please also remember that – when compared with the RRP – the postage has been VERY heavily subsidised, and that it also involves things like driving to the post office, filling out forms, waiting in a queue and probably buying the packaging materials as well. I tried to talk her into setting direct-ordered signed copies at least five dollars above where they are – as I’ll probably be the one driving to the post office, waiting in line etc – but Joanne was most insistent on doing this because her readers mean everything to her. I’m not sure how long we’ll be able to keep up this particular service at this price, as we don’t want to tread on any retailers’ toes, but it’ll be fun while it lasts.

(edited 2010-08-01; added link to book at Readings)

What a day – part 2

The Melton talk was tonight (last night? It’s after midnight…) and it went very well in front of a receptive crowd. Joanne gets better with each one she does, and kept the audience engaged and entertained.

Afterwards, the local chapter of the Cult of Jojo dragged her off to share a bottle of something sparkling and celebratory.

What a day.

Well… what a day.

First up, we went in to see someone at Readings in Carlton. Long story short, a small quantity of books were left with them to see how they go, but the important thing is they’ve *got* them and Danann Frost Falls from Grace is about to grace the shelves of a Melbourne icon. If you’re in Australia and couldn’t make it to the launch and can’t get one at the author talk tomorrow, the next best thing is to get it from Readings. We’ll post a link to where it is on their site as soon as it’s listed there.

Second… Telstra. Grrr! Don’t know what the problem was – maybe they broke the string, or lost one of the tin cans, but we were without internet for most of the day. So, Jo wasn’t able to post anything earlier in the day, anywhere. I know she wanted to thank her well-wishers, but wasn’t able to.

Third… Book Launch! What a night! I have photos, and Joanne wants to post some details about the night and the excerpts she read from the sequel and book from the other series, but frankly we’re all exhausted. And we’ve got to do it all over tomorrow night at the Author Talk in Melton (YAY!). So, we’ll catch up with those details as soon as we possibly can. For now, let’s just say that Jo was very touched by the excesses of some of her existing hard-core fans (you know who you are!), and loved speaking with new people who are about to read her work for the very first time. Jo promises to be back on in the next day or so.

Five.. Four… Three.. Two… One…

Today’s the big day. Joanne’s first author event, the launch of the Australian printing of Danann Frost Falls from Grace, will be at the Caroline Springs Library at 7 this evening. She’s more than a little excited, and spent much of the evening deciding what pens to take with her for the signing. It’s a very important choice, the wrong implement can do bad things to both the hand that holds it and the page it’s dragged across.

I, her humble webmonkey, spent the evening and a fair way into the wee hours a little differently. I’ve just done a re-organisation of the where-to-buy pages on the site, and created a new version of the preview edition based on the Australian edition.

I’m sure all her readers will join me in wishing her all the best for the launch.

Australian printing

The first run of the Australian printing should be arriving shortly.

The bad news is that you can’t have one just yet. The publication date has been set at July 14, and we haven’t even managed to get the details properly registered with Bowker for books in print yet. If you’re somewhere near Melbourne, you can get one at the launch for $20.

Coming Soon…

Joanne’s blog is just about ready to go.

Once she’s up to speed on how to use it, I imagine there’ll be no stopping her.